Budo is based on the interrelationship of all things
Human beings are capable of sensing intentional actions. This means you are not supposed to move intentionally. The movement comes from a deep place of interconnectivity and kinesthetic intelligence.

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5th ETAN Aikido Festival
Almusaffes - Spanje
17-18 September 2016
Shobukai Team

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Seminar Tokyo/Japan - 10th TAIN Festival 2013

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Dear Eddy Wolput Sensei,

Subject: Request for aikido seminar or embu performance on the occasion of the 10thInternational Aikido Festival/Tournament

We appreciate for your accepting to participate in the 10th International Aikido Festival/Tournament scheduled to take place in Japan. The JAA plans to hold a seminar by high level overseas instructors in order to improve Aikido techniques and skills for the participants who love Tomiki Aikido coming from around the world.

The seminar takes place on Friday/Saturday (20-21 September 2013) with allowing a 45-minute class by the instructors. We would leave the style of seminar or embu performance to your discretion.

Since you are one of the leading experts amongst overseas Aikidoka, I believe your presence and your embu performance would make this event very successful. I hope you will accept this offer, and would very much appreciate it if you could send us your reply with a summary of your performance by the end of April.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Yuichi Kozaka

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Japan Aikido Association Certificates

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